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15 Minutes Brain Dump before PMI-RMP Exam is NO MORE available…

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Writing down inputs, tools & outputs of Risk Management processes in (lets say) 8 minutes in a scratch paper during the 15 minutes PMI-RMP exam tutorial really helped candidates gain confidence during the exam. But it’s a “HISTORY” now!

Project Management Institute (PMI)® and Prometric have made the following change to the examination format of all PMI® certifications: Candidates are no longer allowed to take any notes/brain dump during the 15 minutes time of the tutorial effective from 23 October 2016 globally.

“Using the scratch paper before the exam time begins has always been against Prometric’s testing center rules, but it was not being properly enforced. Although we don’t have it officially in writing just yet, it is now being strongly enforced”

by Mattie, Customer Representative,

“The brain dump practice, in itself, is not listed within any of the credential handbooks. That is due to this process not being authorized by PMI, nor was it authorized by Prometric. Both PMI and Prometric allowed students to participate in this practice, but have decided to discontinue this, to assure that candidates are reviewing the tutorial in its’ entirety. Candidates that do not review the tutorial, cannot be certain that their answers are being recorded accurately” [email protected], emails from  27th & 30th of Oct 16

Below is the summary of the policy:

  • Testing candidates can start to utilize their scratch paper/note boards once the exam has officially started
  • Doing a “brain dump” during the 15-minute tutorial period or prior is not allowed
  • All scratch paper/note boards will be collected at the end of the testing session

My recommendations….

  • At least a month before exam day, know what “critical” exam aids you’ll want to create – within the time allotted for the exam.
  • So going forward PMI-RMP candidates need to plan the exam for 200 Minutes instead of 210 Minutes (3,5 hours)! Learn and Practice to write all your notes as fast as you can, so as to complete your exam on time.
  • I would ask that you to kindly share this so that candidates aren’t startled when their sheets are confiscated during the exam and they’re asked to step outside to the Prometric reception desk … all while the clock continues to count down.

“It’s still worth investing 10 minutes writing these notes even after starting the exam!”


The Ultimate Goal of Risk Management

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Hello to everyone,

below you can watch a number of interesting videos by Rod Farrar  from Paladin servises.

  1. The ultimate goal of Risk Management


2. Building Risk Management Culture


3. Risk Management vs. Crisis Management


Thank you Rod!!!

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Περισσότερες πληροφορίες: 

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