PM² Methodology Workshop for the MSc students of CITY College, University of York Europe Campus!

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Project Management Methodology (PM²) of European Union was introduced for the first time as a full semester module and was addressed to 11 MSc students of CITY College from 5 countries (Kosovo, Serbia, Armenia, Greece and North Macedonia). The aim of the PM² workshop is not only knowledge but all MSc Students to be certified with the PM² Advanced certification through the test center of PM² Alliance.

Every Workshop starts with a Training Kick booster Lego game, so as to understand the importance of communication, team coordination and using a methodology!

During our workshop, participants were familiarized with all the processes of PM² during a Project through a detailed and realistic scenario. First, we read and analyzed our Project Charter and then participants were separated into teams and started to identify the Stakeholders of the Project.

Next step was the composition of our Product Breakdown Structure (PBS) which was followed by creation of the Work Breakdown structure (WBS) as well as the whole Prtoject triangule (Schedule & Budget). The workshop teams have used the appropriate PM² templates & tools so as to fill them in after arguments regarding the nature of each requirement/task of the client!

Afterwards, we discussed about the Project Plans and how to properly tailor them to our project.

Our last actions were the Identification of Risks, the Risk Analysis, Risk responses and how we will monitor our Risks during the execution of the project.

The smiling faces at the end of the workshop and the filled PM² templates are a evidence that objective was accomplished and knowledge was gained in a joinfull way!

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